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Meet RayKit: The Compassionate Scum Streamer

RayKit, also known as Chris, is a beloved YouTube streamer renowned for his dedication to the survival game Scum. Since the game’s launch, RayKit has been a central figure in the Scum community, providing an array of content ranging from live streams and gameplay videos to in-depth tutorials and beginner guides. His expertise and passion…
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Surviving the Wild and Unruly World of SCUM

Welcome to the untamed world of SCUM, a video game that’s equal parts survival, chaos, and pure unadulterated fun. Developed by Gamepires, SCUM drops you into a sprawling, open-world island where survival is the name of the game. But don’t be fooled—this isn’t your typical survival simulator. SCUM takes everything up a notch, adding a…
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Pure SCUM Hardcore Server Day 1 – Run Bunny Run!

I didn’t think to start recording when I first created my new toon for the Pure SCUM Hardcore Server, but I thought about it in time to capture my first hit from a puppet. Hardcore Server Settings:* Forced First Person* 0.5X Loot* Random Respawn only at $750 each* No Safe Zones, not even the Trader*…
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