The Original Geek

A little about myself

Where do I start? I guess at the beginning, right?! Like my supervisor says… “He was there when they first brought the stone tablets down and connected them to Wi-Fi.”  

It started in 1977 with a Tandy TRS80. My father got me hooked, as well as my brother. He opened a shop with the release of the IBM 8086.

It was the Wild Wild West days of computing. I absorbed everything I could in those days. Which is somewhat how I got my handle of SyPhEn. It came from bulletin board systems, which is was a server that users dialed to connect to, and could chat, and share files with others on the same server. Well, I would take everything from everyone’s share they opened up all the time, and one of the guys chatted me up and told me “We are going to call you SyPhEn, because you syphon everything off of our shares. 

SyPhEn was born on that day in the 1980s, and naturally he likes gaming! Gaming taught me a lot about the computer, because in those days, you had to understand how to “tweak” the operating system to give you enough memory to even run some games. 

Thanks for stopping by, and check me out at https://www.byteittech.com where I will be doing technical tutorials and more for the technical side of things.